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(The name on your passport)

시작일 : 년(Y)월(M)일(D)
종료일 : 년(Y)월(M)일(D)

계좌번호는 신청이 완료된 후에 팝업 창으로 뜨게 됩니다.
잊지 말고 꼭 메모하거나 핸드폰으로 촬영해서 기억해주세요.
Your virtual account number will appear in a pop-up window.
Please do not forget to write it on a memo or take a picture to remember it.

Company and Supplier Privacy Act, and collect your personal(credit) information with respect to this Aggreement in accordance width the Act onthe Use and Protection of Credit information. Use and willing to accept the third party information provider.

이에 동의하십니까? Do you agree?

동의/Agree/同意       비동의/Non-Agreement/不同意
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study union로고

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